The Girl From The Blurred Lines Video Hates The Blurred Lines Video

If the name Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t ring a bell, you probably just know her as “the girl from the Blurred Lines video.”  In the two and a half years since Robin Thicke’s creepy video came out, Emily has somehow managed to turn her awkward dancing into a successful career as a model/actress. She’s now been in Gone Girl and a bunch of other movies, but she has something to say.

She hates the Blurred Lines video. In a recent interview, Emily said the video is “the bane of her existence,” and that she really wasn’t into the idea of the whole thing. Either way, I think she can be happy about the fact that she literally got famous from a music video, because seriously how many people has that happened to? She’s in Zac Efron’s new movie, so we really think she’s doing okay.


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