Ellen DeGeneres’ Christmas Card Makes Fun of The Kardashians Again

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi's Christmas Card has trolled Kim Kardashian for the second year in a row. Last year, they did the Bound 2 photo – Ellen was Kanye and Portia was Kim (Uh-huh honey) and this year they did Kim's ass photo shoot. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about Kim's ass, mostly because Khloe's is better at this point. Anyways, some production intern did phenomenal work with photo shop. We can only hope Kanye starts a Twitter feud over it.

Since the Kardashians aren't doing a Kristmas Kard this year, they can just send this one instead.


Here’s a holiday wish from me and Portia to you.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on



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