Betch Of The Week: Eleven

Full disclosure, there aren’t very many female television characters I relate to or even enjoy. Probs because Hollywood low-key high-key hates woman and we are helllllllla underrepresented. However, every so often, a true betch makes her way into the television landscape and cannot be ignored. Enter: Eleven, also known as El, from Stranger Things.

El is a psychokinetic, which means she has many gifts. She can access alternative dimensions, enter mental voids (where she can spy on people), levitate shit just by looking at it, and kill others with her mind. She’s a certifiable, muthafuckin badass is what I’m saying. On top of all that, she like, barely speaks to anyone the whole time. So rude, right? Wrong. She doesn’t need to answer to your peasantry, DUSTIN.

Eleven Stranger Things

Even though El has both daddy and mommy issues she’s still killin the game. And by that I mean, looking amazing with a buzzcut, arguably the most difficult hairstyle to pull off.

Eleven Stranger Things

El even helped some nerds and try-hards find their missing friend which is so philanthropic it’s insane. Sure, El might be nice, but she’s definitely not a nicegirl that lets anyone walk all over her. See: I don’t know, all the people that she’s killed or the straight-up monster she defeated.

Finally, homegirl eats a shit ton of carbs (Eggos, specifically) and still manages to stay that skinny. How does she do it?

El Eggos

El, I love you like the daughter I aborted back in high school. XO. 



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