Betchocracy 2016: Oh No

Super Tuesday is over! Tbh nothing was too surprising, with Trump and Hillary both winning all the states they were expected to win. It’ll be a while before anyone has enough delegates to lock up the nomination, but Donald and Hillary are definitely on track right now.


Last weekend, Donald Trump went on Meet The Press, and he was asked about receiving an endorsement from David Duke, a white supremacist who used to be the head of the KKK. Instead of criticizing Duke, Trump pretended not to know who he was or that he was involved with the KKK. He has since been adamant about his disdain for the KKK, but it was too little too late for many. We already know he’s a racist, but it’s still scary to see him talk about it like that.


While everyone is complaining about Trump, and millions of college students are feeing the Bern, Donald and Hillary are coasting toward the nominations. After each winning seven states on Super Tuesday, it would take a major shift in momentum to stop either of them. If this is going to happen, March 15 is probably the last real chance, because several hundred more delegates are up for grabs then.

Bye Bye, Bennie

Ben Carson has been a nonfactor for the last few months, and he finally seemed to realize this after Super Tuesday. He pulled out of the debate on Thursday, which basically means he’s done. Carson briefly led the polls in the fall, but more recently has only made the news for acting like a sleeping robot. And then there were four.

A Message From Uncle Mitt

When Mitt Romney announced he would be making a speech on Thursday, there was little doubt about the topic: Trump. Mitt really doesn’t like Trump, and he called him a phony and a fraud. The speech was like 20 minutes long, but here’s the gist: don’t vote for Donald Trump because he’s a fucking shitbag. 

Trump v. Kelly

Remember back in the fall, when Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly had constant drama? Yeah, that’s not over. Kelly moderated the FOX News debate on Thursday, because their main concern is clearly seeming impartial. The four candidates took their turns yelling over each other, but Megyn Kelly was pretty much equally as ready to get in on the yelling. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them not to interrupt?

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