Betchocracy 2016: Empire State of Mind

This week, New York finally got to vote in the primaries, after weeks of candidate visits and predictions about what would happen. Now that NY has voted, we’re down to the real decision time of who will end up being the nominees.

Do You Want A Slurpee With That

We’ve all figured out that Donald Trump is a moron, but this week he took it to a new level when he accidentally said “7/11” instead of “9/11” in a campaign speech. That’s right, he confused the name of a convenience store with the biggest American tragedy in decades. Cute, Donald.

Home Field Advantage

In the New York primary on Tuesday, New York residents Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump easily won their respective contests. Bernie had made a last-minute push in the state, but Hillary was able to hold him off and win in nearly every district. Donald Trump never faced any real challenge here, and he got more delegates than most expected him to.

Delegate Daze

While Bernie Sanders definitely isn’t winning, he at least still has a shot in this primary campaign. On the Republican side, however, Trump’s two challengers should be less optimistic. At this point, there’s basically no way that Ted Cruz or John Kasich will get more delegates than Trump. The only reason for them to still be in the race is to try to stop Trump from getting an actual majority of delegates. This would lead to a contested convention, which means the party leaders can basically pick whoever they want. Stay tuned, because this summer could get interesting.


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