Betchocracy 2016: Summer Heat

It’s been a long month, and lots has been happening in the Presidential campaign. Now the debates are just weeks away, and the entire thing will be over before we know it. Things are heating up on the campaign trail, and it’s do or die time for both candidates.

Poll Dancing

Polls haven’t been going so well for Trump lately. He’s been behind in every national poll for the last month, and some recent polls have shown him trailing by double digits. Notably, in some states that almost always vote Republican, it’s now looking like a big tossup. Basically, if Trump wants any chance of winning, he’s going to have to turn things around in the next few weeks.


On Thursday, Hillary threw down the gauntlet by claiming that Trump’s campaign is sympathetic to White Supremacists and the extreme “alt-right” movement. She also put out an ad with a KKK Wizard praising Trump. This is probably Hillary’s strongest chance at getting moderate Republicans to vote for her, so this should be a major theme coming up.

Foundation or Concealer? Both?

In the past couple weeks, Hillary has been in some hot water over donations that the Clinton Foundation has taken from foreign donors. This doesn’t look so good as a candidate for President, but it sucks because the money has helped a lot of people. Hillary should probably distance herself from the foundation for the rest of the campaign, but Trump has far bigger problems to worry about.


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