El Toro Blanco: Hasta Mañana Is All The Spanish You Need To Know

El Toro Blanco Rating: 8.00

Food: 3 / 4
Service: 2.75 / 3
Atmosphere: 2.25 / 3

My friend was in town from London and wanted to go out to a late dinner before going out. We managed to get a reservation for 9:30 for five of us and like any huge group of betchy girls we wandered in clad in tight dresses and 6 inch pumps ready to take on the scene and guacamole, in that order.

The Atmosphere

El Toro Blanco has a bit of a retro look that somehow manages to seem cool and not like you've walked into Chipotle. The reason most people come here is for the scene but the food was pretty good too. It somehow managed to feel packed and lively but somehow you could still hear yourself speak which is a modern miracle in the restaurant world. If you're looking for a great Mexican spot where you can people watch while catching up with your besties, this is the spot to hit. Chef Capon, who also runs Lure Fishbar and Burger and Barrel def knows how to set the scene for young people. 

If you go for brunch try and sit outside and definitely try a bloody mary. 

Instagram friendly: No, too dark but it's upsetting because you'll want pictures of their cute little frozen margaritas. 

Is there a chance you'll run into a celebrity? Definitely. It's a fav spot of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Scarlett Johansson gets her taco fix here and John Mayer and Allison Williams were spotted there last year. Also, @TheFatJewish, if that's like your idea of a celeb. 

Bread worth the carbs? No Bread. The avocado in the guac is nature's butter bitches. 

Shoe situation: Definitely wear heels. The last thing you want to do is run into a celeb wearing fucking flats. I mean Chrissy Teigen wouldn't dare commit that crime and her husband is 5'9. 

Good for: Date with your boyfriend, weekend dinner with your besties before going out. Conveniently close to the clubs in Meatpacking. 

Neighborhood: West Village

Price: $$$

The crowd

Young people, celebrities, scene chasers, rich European tourists taking a break from SoHo shopping. 

The food

Guacamole – Delicious and creamy. Also comes with veggie sticks for the healthy betch. 

Tacos – The tacos were far from the best thing on the menu but they weren't bad. We got the Hongos (mushrooms), Tinga de Pollo (chicken for those of you who skipped 2nd grade Spanish) and Escuela Vieja (beef). The best by far were the chicken tacos and the rest were nothing to write home about. They come with two each so it's easy to sample a bunch. 

Green Chile Queso Fundido – This was delicious. Although it's hard to fuck up a cheese dip this was amazing and came with mini tortillas that you could wrap and combine the guacamole with. I would like to take marry it and have 100 babies with it. Have I mentioned I'm a fan of cheese?  


Tostada Chopped Salad with carne asada – This was great but had a bit too much steak on it. 

Cayos Culichi pan seared scallops – The scallops were good but could've done with a little less sauce. 

Mexican Chocolate Cake – This was dec but nowhere near as good as the churros. 

Cinnamon and Sugar Churros – I haven't had a churros since I was eight years old and taking ice skating lessons but after eating these I think it's time to start again. They were so good and the chocolate and dolce de lece sauces killed it as dipping sauces. 

The Drinks

Frozen Raspberry Margarita – This was delicious yet strong and somehow although I ususally don't describe cocktails as cute this was the most adorable drink I've ever seen. 

Hasta Mañana – This was like a spicy iced Margarita. For those who don't like sweet drinks and hangovers but do like spicy shit, this was delicious and I would definitely order it again. 

restaurant info:

El Toro Blanco
257 Sixth Ave
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-0193


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