Eddie From That’s So Raven Was Arrested Again

Throwback to That’s So Raven on Disney Channel. It was a simpler time, before Raven Symone started bitching about being a C-list celebrity on The View. Orlando Brown was the actor who played Eddie – the Gordo-esque, friendzoned character. Well his life has been a Lindsay Lohan level shit show ever since. His is full rap sheet:

2007: Marijuana possession
2011: DUI
2012: Probation Violation
2013: DUI (come on dude, just call a fucking Uber)
2014: Threatened to kill someone (because they said “That’s sooooo Raven” after he stared into space for too long?)
2016: Attacked his girlfriend in his car (probably because she wanted to listen to Uptown Funk again)

If only he had been cast on “Corey in the House” all of this could’ve been avoided – probably not.


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