The Betches’ Guide To Easter Fashion

Just like the bro Jesus was resurrected, so is spring fashion at Easter weekend.  Every betch knows that Easter marks the official return to wearing dresses without tights, and it deserves at least half of the outfit consideration that the winter holidays do.

When it comes to Easter fashion, it’s all about color palette. As excited as you might be to get back into white, you probably want to stay in pastels until full summer hits. Wearing a white dress is going to make you feel like a flower girl with all the ribbons and bows you’ll be standing next to, so if you must wear white, keep it to your shoes.

You can’t really go wrong with the classic pastel colors like lavender, muted yellow, or mint. This year the sky/baby blue is popping up everywhere, because Pantone decided that a blue called “Serenity” is going to be a color this year, and they’re right as usual. So if you want to stay on trend, a sky blue crochet dress is a good way to go.

Basically, Easter is an excuse to wear a fucking fancy hat and dress up like in colors you’d only wear if you were a bridesmaid. 

Like the Kentucky Derby but less outlandish, it’s a gateway outfit into the crop top and cut-offs to come. Avoid crazy patterns so you don’t get mistaken for an egg. Gold accents over silver.

When in doubt, pick one of the following to wear: a big bow, pearls, or a wedding ring, and you’ll be ready for an afternoon of photos. Okay, so maybe not the latter unless you’re engaged, but it will be something to talk about at your family gatherings. And if you’re not celebrating Easter in a religious sense, you can still celebrate putting your tights back in storage.


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