Earl Grey Cocktails Because You Need To Get Drunk In A Sweater

Sweaters and scarves and colorful leaves are all well and fine, but sometimes we need to bask in the sunshine for one more day. I think it’s important to note that regardless of what season it is, we’ll find a reason to be sad about the now passed season we literally were just complaining about a month ago.

Cocktails that blend the flavors of fall with a cool sippin’ drank straight outta summer are our cup of tea, so, like, we made an alcoholic one. No, literally. Grab some bags of Earl Grey from your British friend and have a tea party but this time with more alcohol and less stuffed animals.


·         One pot of Earl Grey tea, brewed strong, cooled
·         ¾ cup vanilla vodka
·         2 tbsps Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey liquor
·         1 tbsp honey

Brew a pot of Earl Grey tea pretty strong, then cool in the fridge. Once cooled, combine ¼ cup of the tea with the vanilla vodka, honey liquor and honey. Shake in a martini shaker and serve over ice. This shit is best very cold. Serve with plaid scarves and pumpkin bread because you’re basic and it’s okay to embrace it once in awhile.


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