Dunkin Donuts Is Bringing Back Pumpkin Spice Next Week, Has No Chill

It’s that time of year again—get ready for your Insta feeds to be filled with all the basics posting PSLs. Dunkin Donuts just announced that they are adding the PSL flavored items to their menu on August 29th! WTF Dunkin, last time I checked, fall starts after Labor Day.

something you should know

However, this is a good excuse to 100% give up on your beach bod, because apparently summer is over and it’s time to start wearing leggings and sweaters again like all the other basics. So feel free to be a fatass next week and grab some PSL donuts and coffees when you feel like getting out of your office for a half hour.

When it comes to PSLs I always have mixed feelings. Yes they are basic, but yes they are also delicious. So if you decide that the taste of a sweet and spicy PSL is worth looking basic, please at least follow these guidelines:

  1. Only 1 PSL related Instagram post per month (this is a very strict rule). You really shouldn’t be posting that many food-related Instas in general. If you’re that person who grams every meal and snack, consider getting a life.
  2. Drink only 1 PSL per week. I know I said we can all give up on our beach bods, but come on. Have some fucking self respect—those things have like, a million calories. 
  3. At least wait for the Starbucks PSLs to come out before you do any of this. I mean, August 29th? Seriously?

Too soon


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