Drew Barrymore’s Nickname For Cameron Diaz Is, Um, Shitty

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have been besties since they were teenagers, so they’re like the one high school friendship that actually worked out. They probably don’t want you to know long that is, because they’re both properly middle-aged, but it’s about 30 years. For context, that means they’ve been holding each other’s hair and giving each other boy advice for longer than Lindsay Lohan has been alive.

Anyway, Drew apparently calls Cameron “Poo Poo,” which is almost as bad as Cameron’s movie The Other Woman. Every betch gives her bff a #9 nickname to make sure everyone knows they’re friends, but nicknames are usually like, Coop or S or Nori, or the standard slut/whore/bitch/etc. Irregardless, anyone with arms as good as Cameron Diaz should not be referred to as “poo poo,” and that’s just like, the rules of feminism.


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