Drake And Rihanna Got Matching Shark Tattoos Because Of Course They Did

Ugh here we go again! Another chapter in the romantic story of Aubrih—otherwise known as Wheelchair Jimmy and wet blanket Ashley, oops I mean Drake and Rihanna.

Drake and Rihanna

During a performance in New Orleans, Drake proudly showed off a new camouflage shark tattoo. The same one that coincidentally (not at all) Rihanna got on her ankle last Wednesday. Reports allege that the ink is a reference to a plush toy shark Drake bought RiRi during a lame date to the aquarium. (Sidebar: why do these two date like they are 15 years old?)

Drake Rihanna matching shark tattoo

I’m unclear on whether this is “cute” or just another desperate attempt for Drake to get RiRi’s love and affection. At this point, Drake just keeps looking more and more sad. Get a grip, Jimmy!!!

P.S. That’s the ugliest effing tattoo I’ve ever seen.


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