Drake And Rihanna Went Ice Skating—So Are They Dating Or What?

The whole, Rihanna/Drake thing is one of the biggest mysteries of pop culture of this decade since like, Drake/Nicki. Seriously! Like WTF, I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a clear, proven, confirmed sighting of them hooking up and forget any confirmation of them being like, oh I don’t know, a couple (which honestly we’re all rooting for)?? So why do they keep doing stuff like this to us: the other day they were caught ice skating together? Really? Badgirlriri ice skates, who knew?

Seriously, WTF is up with them? Aside from them going ice skating AND BOWLING—two of the most lame date-night activities that exist—there is also the matter of Drake signing a Rihanna photo by drawing a little heart over her butt in Austin, where he would later “party into the night” with her at SXSW.


#PressPlay : #Drake making sure to leave his mark #Rihanna

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Like, this is some shit I would have done in middle school with my crush, so clearly a sign something’s going on.

Sooo…maybe they are just “work” friends, but I feel like they have definitely done some of that work work work work in the privacy of a limo or private jet.


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