Drake Is Going To Miss One Direction The Most

So Sunday was One Direction’s last concert until they officially ~ go on a break. If you’re one of the few people over the age of 13 who gives a shit about One Direction, except when they’re talking shit about Taylor Swift, you probably cried about the farewell with your cats. I mean, Harry Styles’ hair is prenatal vitamins gorgeous, Louis is about to become a baby daddy, Niall is still 14 years old, and Louis’ falsetto is questionable at best. RIP Zayn.



Up is my one direction like I’m Harry Styles ☝

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Anyway, Wheelchair Jimmy was feeling a lot of feelings while preparing for the band’s vacay, so obvi he posted an Insta. Seriously, Drake is whiter than a line of Adderall mixed with cocaine. He posted a pic of him looking up, because he’s #blessed, with the caption “Up is my one direction like Harry Styles.” If that isn’t the best goodbye to the future Joey Fatone, Nick Carter, Nick Lachey, and Justin Timberlake, then I don’t know what is. 


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