Drake Is Completely Fucking Obsessed With Rihanna

Since the VMAs, we all know that Drake loves Rihanna. This wasn’t really new information, but he pretty much got up on stage and spelled it all out. This weekend, he did it again. At his concert in LA, Rihanna made a surprise appearance, and Drake basically couldn’t contain himself when she got on stage. She was hugging him and messing around, and he told the crowd that Rihanna is a woman that “holds him down.”

So basically, he’s wrapped around her finger and will do whatever she wants. Or at least that’s how we’re reading this situation. I guess there’s technically still no confirmation that they’re actually, like, together, but that doesn’t matter because we read TMZ enough to see all the signs. Really, Drake is a perfect choice for RiRi, because he’s basically a less tatted, less violent, less psycho version of Chris Brown.

We don’t know yet if Drake and Rih are a real couple, but Drake clearly is head over heels for her. At this point, the next time Drake is on a stage with Rihanna he’ll probably just rip off her clothes and go at it right there. So if you know where and when that will be, please let us know so we can get on the tickets on presale.


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