Meek Mill is Starting Shit With Drake…Again

I’m not even going to bother recapping the Meek Mill vs Drake feud of 2015, just go listen to Charged Up and Back to Back – actually go do that even if you know all about the Twitter throw down.

Well, Meek decided that his third degree burns were lonely and is back for more. Drake already roasted him with two songs, millions of Tweets, several performances, and enough merchandise for a themed party (#FreeMeekMill). This week, Meek was performing at a concert (did Nicki Minaj have to give away tickets to convince people to go??) and said “You ain’t gonna have me up here looking like Drake, he’s got two left feet.”

In the words of Meredith Grey, “Seriously?” Meek is going to insult the Hotline Bling music video that is making Drake like a trillion dollars?? This is like Jenny Humphrey in every season of Gossip Girl after Blair destroys her and she still comes back for more, until she got banished (fucking finally). For another simile, this is like if Pacquiao asked for a rematch against Mayweather. For the record: no amount of jungle juice could get me watch that rematch.

Also, Drake may look like a basic betch trying to mix her and her bf’s clothes into one outfit, but he legit broke the Internet. That music video is like a more successful, better executed version of a Miley Cyrus PR stunt. So Meek Mill, please for the love of Nicki Minaj’s ass, take a fucking lap and sit down.


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