Drake Hooked Up With Hailey Baldwin, Sorry Rihanna

Drake, like the betch he is, threw a MDW party, which may have just been an excuse to wear white sneakers. Unsurprisingly it turned into a full-on rager because hot people, alcohol, and a pool are a lethal combination (see: any graduation party ever).

Hailey Baldwin, official member of the 21st Century’s most exclusive clique—celebrities’ famous children-turned-models—scored an invite. ICYMI, she is also “just friends” with Justin Bieber. If by “just friends” you mean the girl he’s Instagram official with and takes on vacation, but they’re totally not dating or exclusive. So basically, every millennial romance.

But summer 2016 has a rude awakening for Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin and Drake hooked up at his party. A rando source says they were “very affectionate” and were “getting cozy,” which sounds like me and my dog watching Grey’s Anatomy but whatever. More importantly, they took a Snapchat video together and went on a dinner date a couple days after the party. In the Scott Disick relationship handbook, this seems pretty legit.

Honestly, I’m just hoping Hailey sparks a Twitter feud and a couple of diss tracks, because there is nobody softer than Drake and Justin. 


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