Drake May or May Not Be Dating 20-Year-Old Twins

Drake turned some heads last week when he showed up to a random UNLV women’s basketball game. The stands were basically empty and the Runnin Rebs won by 70. Like, okay.

Sports analysts and Drake fans alike were like, WTF Drake? We get that you’re into sports, but becoming a fan of super average women’s basketball team is not the usual type of bandwagon Drake likes to jump on.

It didn’t take long for everyone to be, like, oh, Drake’s here for the twins, the Gonzalez twins, that is.

Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez are “Instagram famous” for posting ab-tacular pictures of their best assets. We can’t really say anything bad about them because they’re 1) super undeniably hot 2) from Idaho (West Coast represent) and 3) basically children. They’re juniors at UNLV, meaning they may or not be 20 years old. So much for hitting the club after the game, Drake.

Drake definitely has a type i.e. anyone who remotely resembles Serena Williams. Let’s just hope the “Drake curse” doesn’t ruin the season for the UNLV team. We all know what happens when he shows up in your team colors to a Final Four game.


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