Drake Bought Rihanna A Billboard Because He’s So Obsessed With Her

The world’s most confusing non-couple couple since my own parents—Drake and Rihanna—have taken things to the next level. That is, Drake bought Rihanna a billboard. Alright, sort of. He bought her a message on a billboard. Because nothing says I love you like a giant-ass note!

The billboard in question can be found on some freeway in LA and reads: “Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and Everyone at OVO.” Presumably a nod to her recent acceptance of the VMA Vanguard Award. RiRi posted a photo of the suuuuper public display of affection and captioned it “When he extra [heart] [trophy emoji]!!!”

RIhanna Billboard Instagram

Are they/aren’t they? Will they/won’t they? These are the questions that don’t keep me up at night. But either way, I’m just glad someone’s treating Rihanna like the queen she is. Cheers, you crazy kids! God love ya.

Drake and Rihanna


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