Drake And JLo Are Definitely A Thing, Sorry RiRi

The meme master Drake himself posted a photo on Instagram yesterday with JLo, hinting that the two of them might be dating. Obviously the internet went Britney-shaved-head crazy over it as a sign that Drake and JLo are now a thing

Besides the fact that there isn’t like, a good moniker for the couple, we have a lot of questions before we believe they’re actually dating. First of all, we could barely tell it was JLo, if it wasn’t for the fact that she also posted the exact same photo on her Instagram. Not a repost, but the exact same photo, like some PR person handed out juiceboxes on a field trip to all the third graders, but instead of juiceboxes it was a fake relationship announcement. Secondly, the photo has no caption and shows Drake cradling JLo more like siblings than two people that have seen each other naked.


A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on


We’re not saying there’s no chance they’re dating, but it’s a little too neat of a story that we have to at least wonder what their motives are. Also, might we remind you that Drake was rumored to be dating Taylor Swift for a hot second, but then it turned out they were just trying to get more attention? Which honestly, thank god. We did not want to hear a Drake-inspired breakup album.

I mean, this is obvs huge if true, and we mean it’d be huge for Drake because it’d mean he’s dating JLo who is a legend and obviously a catch. Rihanna apparently unfollowed JLo after the rumors came out, which is a little weird considering RiRi is the one that friendzoned Drake. We’re pretty sure she DGAF who he dates, especially not JLo. Was this what people meant when they said Facebook is full of fake news? Honestly, this is probably fake news.

But regardless, we’ll play along because even if they’re not dating, it must mean that they’re about to promote shit and we’re always down for new Drake and JLo tracks.


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