Hot Doctor Wants You To Pay To Win a Date With Him

If you thought the concept of “winning a date” was so tragic that it could only exist in a movie with Topher Grace as the main love interest, you thought wrong. That’s right ladies, you can now enter to win a contest, IRL, to date the very hot and very charitable Dr. Mike.

ICYMI, Dr. Mike is a 26 year old Russian physician named Mikhail Varshavski who won People magazine’s Sexiest Doctor Alive award in 2015. He has over one million followers on Instagram and uses social media to “motivate people to get active.” Coincidentally, only 3 out of those people are male, and two out of those are gay. The third one is himself.

Dr. Mike has partnered with Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app typically reserved for Asians and boarders, to run the contest. To enter, you need to donate at least $10 to the Limitless Tomorrow Foundation, a charity he started that provides financial aid to students. The more you donate, the more chances you have to win, so probability states he’ll be spending the evening with someone very generous or completely fucking insane.

The winner will fly to NYC, stay at a 4-star hotel and have dinner with Mike at a Michelin Star restaurant. The contest has already raised $25,000, and the deadline to enter is January 27. TBH, you might as well go for it since you didn’t win Powerball. 


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