Kesha Just Got Screwed Over By Dr. Luke Again

This Sunday is the annual Billboard Music Awards, one of the many music award shows that isn’t the Grammys so we’re not sure if it really counts. The show always draws a huge crop of celebrity performances, and this year is no different: Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Madonna are all on the list this year, but there’s one star who unfortunately won’t be joining them: Kesha was scheduled to perform, but now all the shit she’s been going through is coming back to bite her again.

Here’s the deal: Dr. Luke (the one who Kesha has accused of sexual assault) still controls Kesha’s life because Sony hasn’t released her from her contract, because they’re assholes. Dr. Luke had originally given Kesha permission to perform at the BBMAs, but when he heard that she was basically planning a big “fuck you” moment, he decided that it probably wasn’t wise. So now Kesha probably doesn’t get to perform, and it’s all fucked up because the world is a shitty place.

Dr. Luke is obviously kind of a monster, but literally HOW has Sony not fixed this contract bullshit by now? Kesha should be performing wherever she wants, and the fact that she’s not allowed to is so stupid. Ily Kesha, stay strong.


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