Double Dare Is Coming Back For Its 30th (Fuck) Anniversary

The 90’s have been making a comeback for a while, as evidenced by the fact that everyone and their grandmother is wearing a choker necklace, but they’re officially in full force now that Nickelodeon just announced a new episode of Double Dare will be live streamed on July 22.

You’ll remember the show hosted by Marc Summers as the one where pairs of kids faced off to answer trivia questions and compete in physical challenges, like sliding through a giant PB&J sandwich and pulling flags out of a nose oozing with slime. I’m willing to bet they still do some version of this at Burning Man every year, but let’s not forget our roots.

Double Dare is returning in honor of its 30th anniversary (fuck), and will premiere for one night only on Facebook Live via The Splat’s Facebook page at 9pm PT. Marc Summers will be back with a whole new generation of contestants, and the program will kick off a week-long nostalgia fest on the network featuring old episodes and “best of” moments. For everyone who once dreamed of running on the Human Hamster Wheel to win a “beautiful trip to Universal Studios Orlando Florida,” now is your time to relive the glory days. For anyone who thinks this sounds fucking weird, sorry not sorry you missed the best decade of all time.


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