Don’t Marry A Feminist, and Other Ridiculous Marriage Suggestions From This Viral Blog Post

Disclaimer: Normally we wouldn’t write about religion, but this blog post has been making the rounds on our feeds and gave us a good laugh.  Regardless of the writer’s religion, we would have found this laughable, so obvi we’re not saying anything about Christianity itself. 

Disclaimer aside… this pastor that deems himself NYCPastor wrote this Buzzfeed list, I mean, super serious guide, to which women should be avoided when it comes to marriage.  Up there on the list is “The Feminist” because according to him, women are constantly trying to “usurp their husbands’ authority” so like, be careful of their trickery. 

He probably didn’t pay much attention in history class, because any usurping that’s happening usually implies like you’re a shitty king. Watch out for feminists…if, like this author, you’re a scared man-child that’s afraid the women in your life (like the one that gave BIRTH to you) will God forbid, want equality and take away your dick magic.

Also on this list is “The Wanderluster” and cited as a reason is “The constant desire for new experiences, new places, new faces, and new forms of entertainment only serves to clearly manifest the fact that the woman has not found her rest in God.”  I mean, we’re not perfect angels, but if you believe your God created the world, shouldn’t you be excited to discover new places and experiences within that world? Sounds more like this guy’s afraid his prisoner wife is going to realize what a shitty captor he is the moment she sees the world.

This whole list is ridiculous and garbage, but we particularly enjoyed his criticism of “the sexy-dresser” aka our favorite past time of dressing like a slut. We know there’s people out there saying dumb shit like this all the time, but every once in a while it makes it to one too many group chats and we feel like we have to say something.

Even though this guy quotes the Bible to back up his guide, the Bible also says we should stone our kids to death if they talk back, so girls, keep being the #bossbitches you are. Anyways, someone should make sure the women in the author’s life have a local domestic abuse line… just in case.


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