Don’t Do Drugs Because Macklemore And President Obama Say So

It’s the last year of the Obama presidency, and he’s kind of gone rogue. He spends a lot of time trolling Republicans and low-key did an abroad semester this spring. But in his weekly presidential address, he partnered with Macklemore to talk about drugs. Thanks Obama, for reminding me Macklemore still enjoys some sort of celebrity in this country.

The PSA is anti-drug and uses Macklemore as a way to ~connect~ with millennials. Apparently Macklemore was a drug addict, so that makes him the perfect spokesman to advise teenagers. It would explain a lot if he was high during the “Thrift Shop” video.

Aspiring musicians shouldn’t think Macklemore is a role model, much less suburban teenagers. Like, this is a man who once seriously rapped “fuzzy zebra jammies.” Why the fuck should anyone take life advice from him??

You can watch the whole video below, if you like, care.


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