The New Don’t Care Collection is Amazing

Our new collection is dropping and it’s the greatest thing in the world, or whatever. We know it’s hard for any betch to get too excited about anything, but you only need to care enough to type in the digits of that credit card your parents gave you “just for emergencies.” Numbers you could probably recite in your sleep thanks to your online shopping “addiction,” as your friends and family once told you about while gathered in a circle.

Our newest “Don’t Care” collection features a T-shirt inspired by the hottest Kendall-approved designer right now Calvin Klein, and another tee with the two most perfect words in the English language, K Bye.

K Whatever Tank in Gray

K Bye Tank in Black

We also have the only life philosophy that matters, Caring is for Nice Girls, on a print to adorn you walls.

Caring is for Nice Girls White Canvas

Last but not least, the Gangsta Napper print is now featured on our pillows and phone cases; these pay tribue to your favorite hobby. You know, the one you do instead of work. 

Gangsta Napper Throw Pillows (comes in a variety of sizes) 

Gangsta Napper Phone Case (fits iPhone 6+,6, 5, 5s 5c, Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5) 

Get shopping, betches, we promise you’ll love it.


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