Donatella Versace’s Dog Has A Better Life Than You Ever Will

Donatella’s dog, Audrey Versace, is living the fucking life. This dog is getting drunk on the regular, flying in private jets, and frequently vacationing in tropical places. Pampered? More like Pawpered. OK, nvm. You’re right. Bad puns aside, let’s check out some selects from this betches’ Instagram. Prepare to feel bad about your life.


A photo posted by Audrey Versace (@audrey_versace) on

This dog’s bed probably costs more than my entire fucking apartment.


I’m more of a private jet pooch.

A photo posted by Audrey Versace (@audrey_versace) on

Hahaha, fuck you.


When you’re a hot dog…

A photo posted by Audrey Versace (@audrey_versace) on

My jealousy of this dog is slightly mitigated by how cringey this caption is. Do less, Donatella.

So who cares if you just found out you didn’t fail Accounting 101? You’re never going to be as happy as a dog that spends all its time doing pilates and sleeping all day on silk Versace bedding. Adjust your expectations accordingly.


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