Donald Trump Isn’t Allowed To Date Anyone Younger Than Ivanka

Out of all the psycho shit that Donald Trump has done in the last year or so, his comments about his daughter Ivanka’s looks are probably the worst. He’s called her hot on many occasions, and he also said that he would want to date her if she wasn’t his daughter. Like, fucking ew.

This week, we found out that when Ivanka was 17, she made her dad promise that he would never date a woman younger than her. Like, how bad do things have to be for your daughter to say shit like that? This little tidbit of information comes from a Howard Stern interview in 1999, when Trump said “as she grows older, the field is getting very limited.” SHE WAS 17. THE FIELD IS NOT LIMITED. This was right after he and his second wife had split up, so he was definitely in the market for a younger, hotter piece of ass. Enter Melania, stage right.

In case you’re wondering, Donald’s current wife Melania is 12 years older than Ivanka, which means she could technically be old enough to be her mother, if she got her period early and was like, a major slut in middle school. Don and Melania got married in 2005, when Ivanka was only 23. Ivanka never says anything bad about Melania, but we can’t imagine they’re exactly best friends.


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