Donald Trump Is Running For President

Barack Obama is about to get fired. That's because everyone's favorite reality TV billionaire Donald Trump is officially running for President. People have talked/joked about The Donald running for a long time, but this is the first time he's ever launched a campaign. Right off the bat, it's tempting to think about how his trophy wife Melania would def be the hottest First Lady ever.

In his announcement speech he basically talked a lot about how rich he is, and made a lot of vague statements about how our country sucks right now and he would obviously make it better. So basically he sounds like every other candidate, but richer. He also chose to announce on the same day as Jeb Bush, which seems like an interesting choice considering that most people think Jeb is the frontrunner. Whatever happens with his campaign, I'm pulling for NeNe Leakes as his running mate.


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