White House Says Donald Trump Is “Disqualified” From Being President

Donald Trump is many things. A prolific twitter person. A betchy POTUS candidate, by some measures. He’s also, according to White House press spokesman Josh Earnest, not fucking qualified to be president:

“The first thing that a president does when he or she takes the oath of office is swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” he told reporters. “And the fact is that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from being president. And for Republican candidates to stand by their pledge to support Mr. Trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying.”

He’s referring to DTrump’s most recent comments about Muslims, where he said that the government shouldn’t let in anyone who practices Islam until they “know what’s going on.” He based his statement on the notion that the San Bernardino shooters were apparently radicalized and somehow traveled to and from the Middle East without adequate scrutiny. There’s almost a salient point in there, except that if the government banned visitors based on the race and religion of other prominent mass shootings, the U.S. would quickly become the brown, un-Christian land Trump and his supporters so badly (and irrationally) fear.

Obviously the White House’s words are inflammatory — as far as I know, all it means is that were Trump elected to the office, he couldn’t carry out such a policy within the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution (religious freedom being important, and whatnot). That hasn’t stopped the internet from having a blast, however:




Selena Gomez has not yet responded to my requests to accompany me to the #TrumpIsDisqualifiedParty, which really makes me question her patriotism. I mean, she did date a CONFIRMED CANADIAN, so who knows.

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