Wanted Man Sends in Selfie After Seeing “Terrible” Mugshot

Recently, a wanted man from Ohio was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he discovered something way more horrifying than a potential jail sentence: an unflattering photo of himself posted publicly for all to see. It was a mugshot uploaded by the Lima Police Department advertising a warrant for his arrest, which means he couldn’t just untag and never talk to the saboteurs again, as is the customary betchy response in this situation. Instead, he sent in a selfie to replace the “terrible” picture, because we all know it’s not getting convicted of arson and vandalism that’s embarrassing, it’s how you look while it’s happening.


There is an active warrant for the arrest of Donald A “Chip” Pugh, age 45 of Lima, for Failure to Appear. Mr. Pugh is…

Posted by Lima Police Department on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The man, 45 year old Donald Pugh, not only sent in a new photo via Facebook, but also called the police department to speak with detectives about it. We can only assume the purpose of the call was to ask them to crop out his arm so it didn’t look fat. The police obliged, and Pugh’s new selfie is now displayed alongside the mugshot in his wanted ad. He has yet to turn himself in, which is surprising because based on what we know so far, it sounds like he’ll do really well in prison. 


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