Dolce and Gabbana Are So Fucked After Gay-Shaming Elton John

Dolce and Gabanna drama continues as they double down on their online hate speech against Elton John. The pot is calling the kettle gay, or in this case, unfit to raise a child. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana took to Twitter to criticize Elton John’s use of IVF to conceive a child, saying that it was “synthetic” and went against a traditional family.

They also went on to say that children need to be raised with a mother and father, because that’s how they were raised.  Or what? That’s such a vague assumption – like did every single kid raised by a mother and father live to 100 years old full of happy thoughts and unadulterated human wonder? If Michael Jackson is any indication we’re going to guess no.



Even if you look past the sheer logical holes in the argument, their behavior is just awkward and childish. Two gay Italian designers decide to say something pretty offensive against gay couples, and they didn’t expect backlash? And now they’re playing the underdog/wronged card. Well, tbh we kinda lost track of who the minority is in this case too. I mean, unless you’re making American flag frat tanks, you probably shouldn’t be alienating most of your industry and buyers.

Even more awkward was their attempt to start a twitter hashtag #JeSuisD&G and #boycottEltonJohn. The fact that the boycott came as a defense to Elton’s criticism of their hate speech isn’t helping their case either. Shouldn’t it be #boycottIVF if that’s what they really believe? Taking a defensive/reactionary angle is no way to win an argument. That’s like if a President didn’t want to go to war and his VP did, and instead of arguing about war, their hashtags were #BoycottWar and #BoycottPresidents. Sorry boys, you kinda look like idiots in this one.




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