Does Being Single Suck So Much That We Need To Get Naked?

The new dating show Dating Naked is not your average quest for love. While most reality competitions feature superficial people judging and eliminating others almost entirely on looks, Dating Naked takes the stigma of body type out of the equation by putting it all out there immediately and letting you get a first hand look at someone’s entire dating package, literally. Plus, you no longer have to head exclusively to HBO to get your daily dose of small screen boobs. 

Dating naked also begs the question, WTF have Americans resorted to when it comes to love? Is it SO shitty out there in the dating world that we’re resorting to getting naked on national television in order to get laid? I mean, with instant gratification I guess it makes sense. Why check out a bro on Tinder and have to imagine what’s underneath when you can literally see a guy’s penis size when you first lay eyes on him.

Sure, the characters are not the brightest people in the world. The first episode featured a 36 year old woman who actually goes by Wee-Wee looking for love, which is kind of indicative of her overall problem anyway. Other hilarious shit includes the immediate analysis of tattoos, unrestrained dick and boobs during water sports, and contestants’ sad, sad stories about how they’ve had such a shitty job on that they’re literally willing to go tubing without so much as a bandeau bikini top in the name of love. Take that, Free the Nipple.

I mean we’re definitely going to watch it because if I’m going to subject myself to yet another dating show naked on my couch, the contestants might as well be along for the ride. 

Dating Naked airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on VH1. For more of an idea of the ridiculous stuff in store, check out the video:


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