Do You Need A Personal Brand?

My friend is a designer. I don’t really fully understand what that means, but I’m pretty sure it means she’s creative and gets paid a lot of money to make things look pretty and take long lunches so she can take really amazing pictures for her Instagram.

Anyway, she’s pretty set on the fact that I need a personal brand.

Creative as I may be, my day job is not in a creative industry. So I’m left to wonder: Do I actually need a personal brand?

I don’t blog and my Instagram is kind of a hot mess (if we’re going by today’s standards of needing a cohesive filter scheme and equal amounts side-boob pictures and hiking photos). The closest thing I actually have to an established brand is my pseudonym here. Wicked Betch of the West is actually not my real name, shocker, I know.

Through my inner dialogue/debate of deciding if I actually need a personal brand including a website, matching stationery and a personalized font and color pattern, I’ve decided some things and I am here to share my knowledge and impart all the wisdom I have on you that I just made up.

People who need brands: People selling themselves

You need a brand, website and possibly personalized stationery if you are, in fact, your own product. The bloggers, photographers, most writers, designers, and a bunch of other creative job titles made up by millennials of the world should probably learn to package themselves up with a nice little bow in order to market themselves to clients.

If you’re trying to show off how great you are at taking photos because you want someone to pay you to take their senior pictures because you majored in psychology, you better damn sure have some great Instagram photos and a website/blog showing off your work.

People who don’t need brands: People who are not selling themselves

If you were raised right and don’t pimp your body out to market green weight-loss teas to strangers on the internet or don’t have a job where you’re selling yourself or your services, you probz don’t need a personal brand. If you want to pay a shit ton of money to host your domain name for no reason, be my guest. But what are you really accomplishing there?

If you work in HR for some corporate giant, no one probably cares if you got your monogramed letterhead from TJMaxx or if you have it specially made for you by your designer friend. I mean, it’s cool and I totally have that going for me, it probably impresses my grandma, but it really doesn’t affect my bottom line. My checks are the same if my Instagram is ugly, I don’t have my own website and I don’t have a blog where I post shitty OOTD pictures.

Look at where your money is coming from, decide if it’s worth the time and/or effort to brand yourself, and proceed with caution from there. 


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