Do You Even Lift Betch? CrossFit Review

CrossFit: often associated with really buff people lifting heavy weights and then being really competitive about it on Facebook. “Do you even lift bro?” is a meme someone who does CrossFit might post on their own wall. We tried it out because we wanted to see what all the hype was about and for the chance of an ironic group lifting photo.

The Deets

CrossFit is a strength conditioning program where you do many many many squats and (assisted) pull ups with a lot of hot guys. They have a lot of locations all over the country but the gyms are owned by different people so their programs are different. We went to CrossFit NYC. Locations include 157 Columbus Ave on the Upper West Side and 50 W 28th Street in Flatiron.

Was it a good workout?

At Cross Fit they’re all about a lot doing a lot of shit in small intervals of time so for those of you who are used to chilling on the elliptical for an hour you will probably think this is load of bullshit. I come here for an hour just to work out for 10 minutes? But then you wake up the next day and can’t even sit to pee and are like well that was unexpected.

What to expect

When you get to class your instructor will have a workout ready for you which varies every class. You can do anything from pull ups, squats, dead lifts, hand stand pushups, to running around outside, etc. They try to entice you to sign up by giving you a really cute instructor named Mike who looks like Mike from Suits. The rest of the instructors were less cute but the guys in the classes made up for it one hundo percent.


The problem with CrossFit is this: it’s highly competitive so you can easily hurt yourself. Like during my 3rd session I pulled my inner thigh / hip so hard that it hurt for a month…. and it wasn’t even from something crazy like lifting heavy weights, it was from one of the competitive stretching exercises. Because I wanted to prove how flexible I am. Clearly not as flexible as I thought. 

On the other hand, a lot of people have no idea what to do when it comes to strength training so it gives them a place to do it in a group setting. You could also meet your next boyfriend here. We hear that happens somewhat often. 

General consensus: If you're a really hard core betch then you probably do it already, but if you want to get toned we suggest getting a trainer because for $200 a month, CrossFit isn’t worth the risk of hurting yourself and for the next month trying to have sex and instead of saying OOOHH you just keep shouting OWWWW.


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