NYC Moms Rent Disabled People to Cut the Line at Disney World

The New York Post has revealed a scandal so ridiculous it could've been thought up by Ja'mie King herself. Apparently rich NYC moms are renting disabled people so they can cut the line at Disney World. These “black market disney guides” can be rented for about $130 an hour. Apparently when you're with someone in a wheelchair you're allowed to go to the front of the line with up to 6 non-disabled people. Talk about a steal! This is both the betchiest and most disgusting thing I've ever read but hey, there's a market for it right? I mean, supply and demand? Every betch knows there's nothing worse than being bored on a two hour line for Space Mountain. Everyone who's anyone in the Manhattan elite now knows that fast pass is for povos, the real social marker is a referral to one of the Disney elite wheelchair guides. Good thing the 1% has now figured out how to do Disney like a betch. My only question is how to deal with the awkwardness of hanging out for eight hours with a person you've rented for the day casually pushing them around in their wheelchair. What do you tell your kids? They have a secret second cousin who lives in Orlando who will be joining them for the day?


Ja'mie: Oh you’ve got wheelchair people, that’s so cute! Oh my god I love disabled people. We don’t have them at our school. We’ve got like one burns victim, but we don’t have any mentally retarded people.

Source: NY Post


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