Someone Aged The Disney Princesses And They Look Like Shit

Some artsy bro with a fancy name aged the Disney princesses. Isaque Arêas drew renderings of the betches in 2015, based on the ages that they were the year their film was released. Be prepared to be thoroughly depressed.

Jasmine looks like an skinny betch pushing 40, probs due to her Arabian diet of barley and nuts. No wrinkles though, which I call bullshit on because Arêas slapped them on everyone else.


This betch looks like she might need to get her upper lip waxed, and those wispy side-wing bangs removed. Belle was an independent-minded betch that bossed a grumpy beast around, but the years (or Arêas) have not treated her kindly.

Wrong. Pocahontas wouldn’t have lived that long because her land was taken and her people were slaughtered. End of story. 
My 99-year-old grandmother looks better than these haggard witches. These Disney OG’s look like corpses. 
Ariel gives me very little hope for when I turn 42. Why do I bother moisturizing my face with dead sea salt if the ocean does NOTHING to treat wrinkles?


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