High Fashion: Dior Brings Back That Summer Camp Anklet

Fuck yes, betches: Anklets are in again. Forget summer flings, anklet tans were the most coveted accomplishment to brag about on the first day back at school. We all know the type of girl in middle school who got her period and wore a training bra before everyone else sported hella cool anklets. So get your holiday savings out, betches, cause it’s time for some extravagant ankle jewelry.

The anklet is a nice addition to this Ink Blot therapy dress. “What do you see?” “I see a cute ass anklet.” “It’s time for you to start coming three times a week.”

This betch looks pissed AF that her anklet is almost covered by some black fabric attached to her shoe. We agree. Give that anklet the moment it deserves, dammit.

This girl is naked, but all I see is her rockin’ that anklet. Free the nip? More like free the ankle #amish.

Dior currently has no creative director after Raf Simmons peaced out because he wanted to focus on his own brand. Although after this show, I have faith that Dior will pull through. Maybe next time they’ll bring back Heely’s, but we can only ask for so much. 


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