Did Macys Really Just Instagram That?

This weekend we got this sponsored instagram from Macys: 

REALLY MACYS? Really? That's the best you can do? You're going to spend thousands of your advertising dollars for this boughie ass picture of this fugly boot? Oooh let me just casually THROW up my leg on this mediocre looking fountain with the worst possible backdrop of any city EVER. Oh and who chose the fucking boot? I'm pretty sure Hugh Hefner's balls have less wrinkles than that piece of shit. Like this picture isn't even in FOCUS. Who PAYS for an unfocused picture? Were you trying to blend into the “regular person” aka “the customer's” instagram feed? Well unless your customer is a homeless person you've failed. I want to see glamorous things on my insta not Big Foot wearing a shit brown boot from 1994. So congratulations Macys you've not only succeeded to make everyone realize you have a group of soccer moms running your social media strategy but also made me hate you even more than I did before. 


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