Did Kylie Jenner Get Plastic Surgery?

I know some weird shit is going on in Libya or Iraq or something but we’re gonna cover the real stories, like whether 16 year old Kylie Jenner shot collagen into her lips or is just going through a serious Zoolander phase. Rumors are flying that the youngest Kardashian recently went under the knife, and a lot of people are super shocked because of her age but now we’re just wondering why we waited until 18 for the “deviated septum corrective surgery” if this bitch did it out the womb.

Like all things inappropriate and strange, Kris Jenner could be partially if not entirely responsible. But TBH, this doesn’t surprise anyone, because everyone knows the Kardashians could support an impoverished country with the money they’ve spent on plastic surgery. Obviously a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll let you make the call.

Here’s how Kylie looked like, yesterday.

And then all the sudden she's on her way to a Dolly Parton Marilyn Manson hybrid and to quote her half brother in law – dat shit cray.

Her chin literally went from Rumer Willis to perfect Angelina Jolie proportions.

Lips about as natural as the hair.


Kylie jumped to twitter to remind everyone that she’s 16 and that these rumors are hurting her feelings.

Does anyone really believe that being 16 is a solid argument for why you didn't get plastic surgery? My plastic surgeon would definitely have some anecdotes to tell you age is just a number when it comes to the rhinoplasties. But not many 16 year olds post pics like this, and most of them wear pants, so jury’s out. 


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