Bestie, Fleek, and Other Betchy Words Were Added To The Dictionary This Year aka the website you use when you need to find synonyms and sound smart in an English essay adds new words every year to reflect changes in peoples’ vocabulary – think bootylicious and grool. That means, Microsoft Word’s red squiggly underline can GTFO. Well this year, the dictionary took a lesson from the Betches. Here are the best new words, now try using them in a sentence today.

Bestie; more socially acceptable than BFF

Drunk Text; if you don’t remember sending it, then you’re not responsible for it.

Feels; because cuffing season

Fleek; go thank the woman who does your eyebrows

IRL; our generation’s “Earth to…”

Random; somebody who was definitely not invited. Pairs nicely with “who do you know here?”

Yaasss; yes on adderall


Now if only scientists would start measuring things in units of “as fuck.” 


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