Sorry Betches, Derek Jeter Married A Model This Weekend

We haven’t heard much from Derek Jeter since he retired from the Yankees at the end of 2014, but this weekend he made big news when he married Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis. Hannah is super hot, but Derek is aaalmost old enough to be her dad. If you’re wondering about the age gap, Derek Jeter is 42, while Hannah Davis was born in the 90s.

Moving on from Derek’s cougar tendencies, the wedding was quite beautiful. They got married at a hotel in Napa Valley, in front of a pretty modest 100 guests. Hannah wore not one, but two custom Vera Wang gowns, because why marry a pro athlete if you’re not going to ask for nice things? The bridesmaids wore lavender, which is probably the least awful choice for bridesmaids so good job to whoever chose that.

Hannah was quoted earlier this year about not wanting a huge wedding, starting with the world’s worst phrase: “I’m chill.” We haven’t met Hannah so we’re sure she’s a cool girl, but marrying a 40-year-old isn’t the most chill thing you could do, just saying.

Congrats to the newlyweds, we hope you both get ugly and fat.


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