The 90’s Are Back: Denim On Denim Is In Again

Bella Hadid posted a picture on her Instagram feat. her decked out in a Canadian tuxedo. Well then I guess it’s time to pull out your shortest denim shorts and weather-inappropriate denim jacket, because the queen has spoken to us mere peasants. It’s denim on denim time.

A nice stroll with some rando who is greatly disguised by a bandana.

Girl, you need some sleep. Look at those dark under eyes. She looks like she’s about to straight-up The Conjuring our asses. 

Definitely has never played a musical instrument. 

#coffee #music #relatable 

And another

and another……

Okay, we get it. 

She looks a little different in this one. Maybe it’s the red velvet boots? Hmmm…


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