Demi Lovato Reveals Why She And Miley Cyrus Aren’t Besties Anymore

Demi Lovato bitched out Miley Cyrus on the radio yesterday, and it wasn't radio Disney. TBT when Demi, Miley, and their side bangs were besties in 2010, but after Miley went bat shit and Demi decided to be the sob story of 2012, they stopped being friends. Some pre-pubescent boy asked Demi how her friendship with Miley was and Demi got really fucking shady. Here are her best quotes and what she was really trying to say:

“Ummm we're acquaintances”
Translation: She didn't come to my first taping of the X Factor, and I haven't texted her back since the premiere of The Last Song.

“I don't have anything in common with her anymore”
Translation: We're not hooking up with brothers anymore (Nick hmu)

“I wish her all the best”
Translation: If you scroll back a few thousand tweets, you can see when I started subtweeting her.




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