Demi Lovato Really Likes Mugs


In the years-long competition to be the stupidest former Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato may have just pulled out in front. In a recent interview, Demi was asked the hard-hitting question “what is your favorite dish?” Now, any sane person would have said something normal, like pasta or half a small salad, but Demi really missed the point here. Her response? “I like mugs.”

Besides the fact that Demi completely misunderstood a simple question, she also talks for like a minute about how great mugs are. They’re, like, great for holding hot things that you don’t want to hold with your hands, which last I checked is basically the point of any dish. Maybe Demi doesn’t use plates, and she just puts a salad in one hand and eats it with the other hand? Either way, she has officially made herself seem dumber than Selena or Miley, but we have a feeling it won’t be long before one of those two fucks up again.


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