Demi Lovato Body Shamed Taylor Swift & Would Now Like To Be Excluded From This Narrative

Taylor Swift loves to play the victim. She does it in every one of her songs about all her stupid boyfriends. She did it with Kanye when he said he made her famous. Then she did it again when Kim called her out for being a liar. It’s kind of her thing. Well, besides being annoying af but that’s a given. Anyway, now she has a new reason to pull the victim card because Demi Lovato body shamed Taylor Swift and her girl squad in an interview with Glamour. Jesus, Demi. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

I was rooting for you

In the interview, Demi said that no one in TSwift’s posse had a “normal body” and it’s putting unrealistic ideas of what women should look like in everyone’s heads. I mean, I get what she’s saying, but all of Taylor’s bffs are fucking models. That’s kind of like, the entire point of their job. Also, didn’t Demi Lovato have an eating disorder? It’s real shitty that she’s slamming other women for what their weight, amiright?

And like, Demi Lovato might not be a literal supermodel, but have you seen her body? It’s not exactly what you’d call the average female body type. Exhibit A, from her new single which ironically is called “Body Say” (tragic coincidence or genius marketing?):

So yeah. I’ll take “Hypocrisy” for $1000, Alex. For the record, Demi looks amazing! I would kill to have her body. Which is precisely the point. Don’t call other people out for being unrealistically hot when you yourself aren’t exactly walking around looking like regular-ass Jane from accounting. You just might be part of the problem, boo boo.

Since this shit went down a couple days ago, someone on Tay’s team came out and pretty much said Demi is just super jealous because Taylor actually has friends. Or in other words:

I can't help it that I'm popular

Lol, k. And then Demi went on a fucking Twitter rage and said she’s taking 2017 off because the celeb life ain’t for her. You do you, Demi. Tbh, will anyone even notice?


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