Is It Desperate and Awkward To Take Down A Selfie That Gets No Likes? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

It’s January 1st and I ended 2015 by posting a selfie in which I was trying to be sexy and hot. As I’m coming down from my addy and alcohol binge, I seriously regret my post bc the pic makes me look desperate and fucking not even that cute. The pic is basically me being lame and begging for attention (Kylie Jenner style). The cherry on top of the sundae is that the pic is not getting like any likes. 

Ive pretty much displayed to the world that I’m too fucking lazy to go get an iPhone upgrade and haven’t been to Equinox in a really long time. 

What is the best approach to this? Can I delete and hope no one notices or should I leave it posted and display my whopping 6 likes with pride?

Send help!!!!!

Yours truly,

Social media troll

Dear Overthinking It,

Yeah, just delete the pic if you’re losing sleep over it. Nobody cares this much about instagram, except maybe those middle-schoolers who are for no apparent reason instagram famous, and so my general advice to you is, once again, “do less.” And also, get out into the real world more often.

F4F (but not really),

The Betches


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