Dear Betch, Is It Social Suicide to Wear Platform Boots?

Dear Betch,

I am short. I don’t even know how short I am because I use the metric system soooo I guess I’m 5 feet, I think.. Basically I’m shorter than KK but taller than Kourt. I mean its not a really a big issue, I’m cute so its fine, but I can never reach ANYTHING and its difficult to give people side eye and put them in their place when they have to bend down to see your face. So I wanna wear these boots that make me so much taller. I have them stuffed in the back of my closet because I used to love them a few years ago, but then ALL the basics started wearing them so obvy I had to hide the evidence that I owned a pair. But now the basics have stopped and I’m thinking I want to pull them back out of my closet and start to wear them again. The thing is that they are the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boots  (the black ones because all black, everything, all the time). And don’t google them because they don’t look cute in pictures, but they do look cute on me when I am doing the whole “I-am-kinda-grunge-but-I-still-take-daily-showers”-look.

So is it socially acceptable to wear them again or is it to soon? Is the world not ready?


Vertically Challenged

Dear Vertically Challenged,

I didn’t google them because I didn’t have to… those fugly stripper shoes are permanently seared into my brain from freshman year, when every girl in the bar and my Instagram feed hobbling around like blindfolded giraffes. By the way, I’m a senior now, so that was four years ago. You know what else was trending four years ago? FUCKING SNEAKER WEDGES. 2012 was a bad, bad year for shoes. Let’s not revisit the past. Although it may not be ideal for our wallets, the great thing about fashion is that it’s constantly evolving and changing. Embrace the present. There are a lot of current options for footwear that will allow you to look chic and look at other people without suffering from severe neck cramps. Oh, and they all come in black.

Classic Black Booties

Addison Peep Toe Booties | Addie Open Toe Booties

These booties have the same versatility as the Litas with a much more classic look that won’t give way to the unpredictability of passing trends.


Lace-Up Trend

Tony Bianco Karim Heel |Tony Bianca Heel Spicey Pumps

You can still have the same lace-up look as the Litas, only in a more elegant, less dated package.

Heeled Over-The-Knee Boots

Perouze Boots | Tantum Boot | Stuart Weitzman Highstreet Suede Boot 

This style has the same sex appeal and height as a pair of Litas sans fugliness.


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