Dear Betch: How Do I Get Rid Of My Stalker?

Dear Betches,

At the beginning of the year, I changed schools. Everything was good, but then I met this guy. I was nice to him at first, but then he started to get really flirty and kept asking for my number. I didn't take it seriously because he's like that with everyone. But since a few people have said he wants to date me, I made it really clear I wasn't interested anyways. But he didn't stop, and he even checks when I'm working at school. It's really creepy and I don't even want to be friends with him. So I've tried everything to make it clear it's not gonna happen, I've even told him up front to get away from me. So how do I get him to stop being so stalkery and get him the fuck away from me.

Dear Girl with an extreme WGA problem,

You sent me this message at 2:25am, and it’s now 11:30am and I’m still drunk, so you’re in for a real treat.

Okay, so: if you’ve explicitly told him “I am not interested, please stop contacting me” and he persists, that crosses the line from stalker-y behavior into straight-up stalker behavior. The fact that he’s checking up on you where you work (or go to school, can’t really tell what you mean there) is literally stalking. I hate to sound like a middle school assembly, but you need to tell someone. Tell a lot of people. Tell your boss especially, so if he shows up at your work again she/he can kick him out. Finally, keep a record of every single time this guy shows up in your life. If he texts you, screenshot it. If he “accidentally runs into you” at Starbucks, write it down. Keep a detailed log of every interaction you have, and take it to the police if you feel really like you are in danger. Am I being drunk and paranoid? Maybe. Is this one of those situations where literally, it's better to be safe than sorry? Most definitely.

I’m not a lawyer or a cop, but I do watch a lot of crime TV. But maybe also talk to someone who didn't learn everything they know about the criminal justice system from Dick Wolf.

You need an adult,

The Betches

P.S. Are you talking about Isaak from that episode of Catfish?? Srs question.


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